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The Olympic effort pays dividends for Advanced Digital Communications Ltd and Atos NL. (posted 31/08/2012)

Working with Technica Solutions (project management and IT assistance) we are pleased to report that Advanced Digital Communications Ltd did an outstanding job of cabling and support of Holland Heineken House for Atos NL (IT integrator for Heineken NL for the whole project at Alexandra Palace) up to and including the period of the Olympic Games (a period of some 10 months overall).

All the cabling was provided on time, and on budget and compared to our experience in Beijing 2008 and Vancouver 2010 it proved to be an excellent, rock solid piece of work. The flexibility and professionalism shown by the engineers at Advanced Digital Communications Ltd was outstanding and throughout the whole period of preparation up to and including the games, the cabling was solid and dependable. Their flexibility and willingness to help was breath of fresh air to us. In particular the reliance on the Xirrus wireless network for the venue proved the worth of getting the work done by such a professional company and Alexandra Palace are considering continuing to use the system in an on-going service. All based on the infrastructure provided by Advanced Digital Communications Ltd. High praise indeed.

So, on behalf of Atos NL, we would like to thank Advanced Digital Communications Ltd for their support, quality work and delivery of cabling infrastructure that was everything and more than we expected.


Olympic effort needed at Alexandra Palaceā€¦.

Advanced Digital Communications Ltd are excited to announce that we have been selected by Technica Solutions ( to be the installers of all the cabling infrastructure at Alexandra Palace, again, when the Dutch Holland Heineken House take it over for the headquarters of the Dutch Olympic Committee and the use of the Dutch fans for the whole games. This includes the Radio stations that will be broadcasting during the games. The need was for further fibre optic cabling and Cat5e copper cabling to support the infrastructure as required by Holland Heineken House and Technica knew ADC could not only promise but actually deliver what was needed.

Since Advanced Digital Communications Ltd initially did the network cabling (some 12 years ago) and recently renewed it all to include a gigabyte fibre backbone and also to support both the computer network and a  new Mitel telephone system through all new Cat5e cabling around the whole building. Technica have chosen us not only for our expertise in network cabling but also for our flexibility in being able to work with them also to be alongside them for support with the infrastructure.

Details of what Holland Heineken House will be like are available here

Advanced Digital Communications Ltd is proud that we have been chosen to support Technica Solutions in their role as IT Partners both for Alexandra Palace and the Dutch Holland Heineken House enterprise for the games.