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What we do for the Home/SoHo customer

Whilst we are primarily a business provider we also believe that its right that we provide the residential and small business customer an alternative to having to use BT whilst giving them the same class of service.

  • We provide single extensions for both voice and broadband use. Even for the new FTTC service (BT Infinity) we can provide extensions so you can run your new service from where you want rather than the 3 metres from where you line enters the building.
  • We can provide cost effective small telephone systems for the SoHo user that give the flexibility that is needed without the huge cost normally associated with such systems.
  • We can find faults on systems where the Communications Provider (be it BT, talk Talk or others) is threatening huge call out costs if a fault is found on your internal wiring for a much more reasonable sum. We will provide you with an invoice and report if needed if the fault is eventually proved back into the BT network and you wish to pursue the cost of our visit with your provider. We will of course supply you with a quote for repair should you wish to take it up in the event of the fault being on your wiring. We will also support you in reporting any BT network faults found to BT (or your CP).
  • We have specialist test equipment to test broadband lines (not FTTC) and can give you a printed report of faults found.
  • We can and do supply terminal equipment such as fax machines and DECT systems to the residential consumer. We don't have a shop but have access to most types of telecoms equipment,